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Onboard users via a KYC smartphone app branded & integrated to your company

  • Native apps made available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for user-friendly experience
  • Rapid deployment of your KYC platform on high-availability Microsoft Azure cloud servers

Verify user identities with best-of-breed cryptographic security software

  • Advanced ID, document & identity verification technology includes anti-gaming features, MRZ scanner and liveness detection
  • Automated AML screening against proprietary database of global sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and watchlists

Manage submissions through the KYCware hosted web portal

  • Review KYC submissions, streamline the approval/rejection process, and submit verification requests to users
  • All KYC/ AML transactions are logged with a permanent unalterable hash on the Ethereum blockchain

Comply with global KYC compliance regulations and mandates

  • Assure users that sensitive data is managed solely by your company, not outsourced to third-parties
  • App questions and forms auto-adjusts according to user entries to meet compliance needs globally across jurisdictions

Selfie & Contact Info

✔ Liveness detection to ensure image is being taken at time of KYC compliance check

✔ Smartphone auto-fill to input basic contact details

✔ SMS transaction authentication number ('TAN') to reduce false submissions

Proof of Indentity

✔ High resolution ID scans

✔ Machine Readable Zone 'MRZ' scan for verification of government issued driver license or passport

✔ Scan identifying docs such as utility bills

Video Interview

✔ Advance anti-gaming feature avoids the need for a video call with a staff member

✔ Liveness detection recording asks user to record the answer to a randomized interview question in real time

✔ Security hologram effect recorded and checked to validate passport/ID

Additional Form Requests Based on Jurisdiction

✔ W-8Ben submission

✔ Integrated US Broker-Dealer Subscription Booklet

✔ SEC Reg D 506(c) Investor Accreditation & more

Secure Upload to Server Memory

✔ Cellular SMS transaction authentication number "TAN" legal wet signature replacement

✔ Blockchain anti-tamper, plausible deniability guarantee

Why KYCware

Here are a few reasons why you should choose KYCware for KYC compliance...

Advanced Data Protection

Users' KYC submissions are kept in-memory in an auto expiring cache

Data is never saved to disk on our servers and never outsourced to third parties, period

US Compliance-Focused

Software is equipped to comply and adapt to strict regulatory demands

Offline records of KYC submissions are secure & in accordance with SEC Rule 17a-4(f)

Complete customer identification program CIP in accordance with the US Patriot Act Section 326

Global availability with Financial Action Task Force "FATF" country restrictions

Next-gen KYC software

Dramatically reduce onboarding and review time using high tech high touch apps

The KYC compliance record is cryptographically verified by the smartphone app

Create an Ethereum Wallet directly in app

Blockchain Truth

The immutability of the records on the Ethereum blockchain provides a guarantee that the data contained in the KYC submission has not been altered in transit

Provide immutable proof that KYC and AML checks were performed

Digital signature anti-tamper guarantee

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